Dust Off Those Shoulders

Instability is often what drives humanity out of their comfort zone. And once we come out of our stagnant life cycle consisting of conformity within, our lives change. I’d like to believe they change for the better. In fact, I believe everything changes for the better. No matter the confusion that often affects the decisions we make, we never really know the outcome of our decisions until we are face to face with it. Fear of the aftermath of one’s choices will only prevent growth. All the people that made a difference in this world could not predict the consequences of their bold actions. Neither could we, and all we have is to live with it and try countless times anyway to achieve our dreams. Failure is often what leads us to success. After all; the only thing worse than being a failure, is being a quitter. No matter how many times you or someone else has branded you a failure, you have a future ahead. Just because you’ve failed once or twice, (or more like I have) you are not a failure. You’re a success story just waiting to happen. So get back up and try and I won’t guarantee you’ll succeed right away, but you’ll learn more than you ever believed you could. The lessons learned will be an inspiration to others who are at the point you are right now.

I was at the point of throwing in the towel and quitting due to many failed attempts to excel in certain areas of my life. I let myself believe I was failure at everything for an unhealthy amount of time. Only the people who believed in me and a little push from the man upstairs lifted me up. It took all the strength the Lord provided for me to believe in myself again. I could not be more thankful to God, my family, friends, and followers like you. If a young girl who lost the light for a while found a way to see again; believe me, so could you.

5 thoughts on “Dust Off Those Shoulders

  1. Wow! Thank you so much I’m glad that it’s encouraging because we need so much encouragement in life and yes failing is natural the problem is when we let it keep us down…and only God can give us the push and the strength we need. God bless you =)

  2. Hi…
    I really liked this post. Especially the part about instability driving man out of his comfort zone. I agree totally!
    Failures are the key to success. I like that. We need to keep on trying and not give up. It’s hard at times to get up I must admit but God is faithful because He is the one that gives us the strength to stand after defeat.
    This was a really encouraging post. I will pursue what God has for even if I fail knowing that He is with me.
    God bless you


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