Just a Small Town Girl

Set in the center of a city surrounded by people rushing to the quick pace of their lifestyle lay that memorable town. Every visit gave one a sense of knowing the privilege that came with having the best of both worlds. The calm town consisted of old-fashioned shops reminding the community of the considerably ancient styles. Authentic cuisines submerged the town into diverse culture with the powerful influence of food. People were dragged across the street by their dogs that often caught smiles from those around.

This little village maintained the traditions of the antique time frame. At the heart of the rural community was a small park lit up by Christmas lights sagging off the trees. At the focal point stood the majestic Christmas tree that continued to attract tourists as the years progressed. The joyful atmosphere released the community of the stress that accompanied their Holiday budget concerns. The vintage theme of the area distracted one from current tensions in a rather healthy way.

One particular ice cream parlor drew in an emerging quantity of customers. The red leather booths and cushioned stools staring at the counter on the corner caught anyone’s eye. Posters of Hollywood icons hung on the wall. Classic miniature model cars were placed in a counter against the wall going all around the restaurant just beneath the roof. Childhood memories and family bonds had been established in this café. I sucked the vanilla ice cream shake through the red striped straw as I swished the stool from side to side. I watched my brother and father do the same with utter bliss in their eyes. We chugged the milkshake until the liquid vanished down our throats.

2 thoughts on “Just a Small Town Girl

  1. Hey….!
    Great post! The little town you were talking about sounds amazing! Is that your home cause if it is I understand why!!! 🙂

    And I like your blog’s new look…. Fresh!


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