It’s All Right

She didn’t really stop. It was like she paused only to keep running forward, chasing something she didn’t exactly know. It was like faith, or quite exactly that which moved her. Too long she tried to define, too long she wasted time overthinking. It’s better to let go she’d tell herself, but still she held on to the pause button and didn’t let her story carry on. “I know, I know,” she’d always say, but she didn’t. She had no clue, and that’s what kept her up at night. It was like she knew her life was telling her to give it all up, but her stubborn nature rejected such notion. Until it all fell apart she regretted not surrendering from the start. “The Man upstairs was right,” the stubborn girl finally admitted. So she yielded it up to Him; the hopes and dreams and everything in between. Then something happened. The play button was pushed. She started running, quicker than ever, almost supernaturally fast. But it wasn’t like before, where she felt like she was running away searching for some safe haven. This time she felt free, she was going somewhere and she didn’t quite exactly know, but she knew it was completely all right.

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