Faith has become such a universal term that it’s become a word that often gets lost in translation. It’s now a rule-book of set down expectations we follow to seek man’s approval. Somewhere along the way we wanted to feel okay with ourselves so we lived a moral life. Faith lost its true meaning; at least to me. Right now I’m found in the valley of doubt. I get so caught up with what I need to do, and I daunt over the lack of resources I have to do the task at hand. In the midst of all the storm going on in my mind, I forget I have The ultimate resource. I’m slowly learning that I didn’t lay my burden down to just about anybody. I set them down for Jesus to take. But, it seems that just as soon as I lay these burdens down I tend to run back and take them on again. I stack the weights on and on, to the point of feeling weak and helpless. That’s when I recall the meaning of faith. Faith is having vision in a hopeless situation. It’s keeping peace in the turmoil knowing the tempest will eventually succumb. It’s feeling numb but lifting up an eager prayer anyway. It’s knowing your heart will beat again. It’s trusting His promises, then finally releasing the cargo.

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