Your Time

It is not your fault that you’re too pretty. It does not justify their unwelcome comments or pathetic catcalls. It is not your fault that until now you decided to speak up. It is not your fault that you know you deserve better. It is not your fault that they’re so ignorant as to think your voice is irrelevant. It is not your fault that you hurt someone’s pride by saying “no.” It is not your fault for claiming human worth when they were accustomed to you being just an object. Their time is up; it’s your time to speak. Make it count.

Though I was raised in a household where I was always treated like a queen, I eventually stepped into reality where things worked a little bit differently. I was exposed to the catcalling and the dirty glances and the unwelcome comments. I had to speak. I was ridiculed. I was told “it’s not a big deal, it could be worse.” Those comments are exactly what leads to those “worse” scenarios. Don’t let someone tell you what is or is not a big deal. It is your deal; you decide how big it is. People will only push you as far as you let them—and then they will push a little more. Stand your ground. Even if they try to speak over you. Even if they call it “fake news.” Even if they call it attention thirst. Keep standing. You deserve it. We need that. We need you to be brave. We need you to be bold. We need to know that beyond the beauty that we see, lies a deeper beauty they tried to hide. Do not let them win. Break free from the caterpillar world they’re keeping you enwrapped in. Years ago you came out of that shell; now roam free like the butterfly they said you could never be. Life always takes it’s course and your’s has been long overdue. Choose better for yourself and never feel guilty for doing so. Never apologize for wanting more. Never say sorry for requesting equality just because they take it like an insult. For so long you’ve given respect, it is time to demand some for yourself.

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