Turning Heads

I love a good statement piece. When it comes to clothing, I like keeping it simple and adding on from that to make my favorite accessories or piece of clothing stand out from the outfit as a whole. This little jacket has to be one of my favorite statement pieces. I love the embroidery and the beautiful detailing on it and you can bet it is my go-to. Continue reading to see how I style this lovely jacket!

Adding a pair of flare jeans totally gives it the 70s look that will forever be timeless and gives your body a flattering form.

I am also a big jewelry lover, specifically with earrings at the moment. Here are some earring styles that will look great with this look.


And of course if you’re going for a 70s type of style, clogs are definitely needed to complete the look.

Now when adding a purse to this look, try sticking with a solid color–preferably the base color in your outfit. I went with this big brown bag which I’m very much in love with and I like that it works with almost any outfit.

Now I hope I was able to inspire you for your next outfit choice! Thank you for reading! xoxo

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