Long Sweaters

I’ve always loved a good long sweater for the comfy factors. It’s always been a little hard for me styling long sweaters since I’m only 5’1 and sometimes they can make me look even shorter. I finally found a look that keeps me warm in the winter without having to sacrifice my height appearance.

What really works is adding a little heel in your shoes for the outfit to give you a longer form. These gold booties help amp up a simple sweater look by a mile.

When doing layers, contrast is important, so if you’re wearing a darker sweater on top, try to go with a lighter shirt under. In my case since the sweater I decided to go with is on the darker side, I went with a white turtleneck under so that the sweater can stand out.


I love these flare cropped pants so much. They keep the “comfy look” theme while remaining elegant. Keep a dark color for jeans to keep the color theme going if the outfit is a little loose. It will make the look have a smooth flow.



Like I said, long sweaters are a little tricky for me. I’ve found that texture is key. The fabric plays a big role into how a piece of clothing feels. Make sure to try the sweater on before hitting the register if you’re anything like me and find it hard to work them. If the sweater flows smoothly and is comfy, it’s a keeper.


Thank you so much for reading guys, love you all! Stay tuned for what’s next in my take on fashion.


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