Who Am I

In my previous post This Is Me, I mentioned that I was the INFP type. Many of you may be curious as to how I got to that response, or some may be wondering what that even means. This is what we call the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, which analyzes how we perceive everything around us and identifies which group of 16 different types of personalities we belong in. You can access and take the test for free at www.16personalities.com. This test is a more “cut-down” version of the Myers-Briggs test. You can purchase the full test at https://www.mbtionline.com/TaketheMBTI which provides a more thorough test in which the results are more precise and provides more information in regards to your personality result. This test was so helpful to me when I came to know of it. I was at a stage in my life where I did not know what I wanted and was afraid that everyone around me had it all together and my time was running out (which I realize now was ridiculous for a 20-year-old). I took a career and life planning class-which required that I take this exam. When I took the test, my results were INFP personality, which stands for Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving. As I read the summary I discovered that this test analyzed everything about me-and was 100% accurate. As time has passed, my personality type has actually evolved from INFP to ENFP (Extraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving). This just means I’ve become more open to people and actually feed off of their energy and company. As I’ve grown I’ve opened up more and find myself enjoying making connections. As I’ve rediscovered this website I decided to dig deeper into the ENFP type to explore my personality further. 16Personalities.com describes the ENFP personality type as “a true free spirit,” (“ENFP Personality (“The Campaigner”). Which is ironic since my blog tagline is “free spirit.” All my life I’ve been very expressive and open with my opinions and ideas. I’ve never believed in holding yourself back to save someone from being uncomfortable. The website also mentions that ENFPs “see [life] through a prism of emotion, compassion, and mysticism-always looking for a deeper meaning.” This rings true to me since it’s particularly hard for me to think outside the box. Everything seems more complex than it needs to be and in my case I tend to question simple things. With that said, the website says it best, ENFPs “need to know that they have the freedom to be innovative.” I wish I knew this in college. Every time I settled on a major I saw something else that sparked my interest, and so I was changing my major constantly. I felt embarrassed and scared that I’d never know what I wanted when really I was just scared of being trapped in the same career forever. This helped me stick with the major I am now pursuing (Public Relations) since it allows me the flexibility I need to remain sane. I need to be growing wherever I’m placed. Like any true ENFP, I am also very passionate and lively. I don’t need much to be amused and I’m easily fascinated. I find joy in sharing ideas since I am constantly filled with them. As the website also mentions, an ENFP’s “skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, ENFPs’ ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas,” “ENFP Personality (“The Campaigner”). This is something that I’ve had to fight against all my life. Although ideas flow in from right and left, it gets hard to commit to one and follow through. This has actually become a New Year’s Resolution for me; to be disciplined enough to follow through no matter what. For anyone like me finding it hard to focus, I’ve learned to keep a notebook in which I write all my ideas. Subconsciously, I’m putting this idea out there and I’m held accountable to make it happen. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it is that things will not effortlessly come to you. You have to address what you want and YOU have to go out and obtain it. You have to decide how bad you want it and work as hard as you can to get where you want to be. And sometimes you have to keep working even when you cannot see the results soon enough. Things take time and as long as you keep working hard towards your objective, you will reap the rewards. Another fault we ENFPs deal with is overthinking. I have found myself losing sleep over something so simple anyone else would move on from. With a complex mind, it’s difficult to accept that some things are exactly as they seem and nothing more, nothing less. I have to train my mind to let things go and accept them for what they are until it becomes a natural habit.

This assessment has enabled me to understand myself better. More than that, it has showed me the many diverse people this universe holds. It’s important to be aware that we are all different human beings who perceive their surroundings in unalike ways and that’s okay. I hope you guys find the exam helpful and are able to better understand yourselves through it.

Thank you so much for reading! Love you all and feel free to comment on the comment section box below.

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7 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. “I have the option to change and I actually have”
    I love that!
    There is great liberty knowing that the person I am now is not going to be the same till the day I die. It’s going to change. How people see me will not have an impact on who I am becoming if my identity is in Christ. No matter what labels they put on me, what matters is what Christ says about me.
    Let’s continue to grow and allow Christ to do His work in us. There is so much more to who we are! That is freedom!

  2. Exactly! I’m so glad you said that in such a clear way! I think this test helped me see more of what I can be prone to doing and I decided that I didn’t want to be defined by some of these things and that I have the option to change and I actually have! Plus truly my identity should always be in Christ alone.

  3. Doing these kind of tests are great because I get to find out more about myself.
    The challenge I face when doing these tests and I don’t know if you face this, is understanding that there is still more to learn about myself and the test has just highlighted another facet about me. It’s not telling me who I am, it’s just highlighting a part of me didn’t know I had.
    There is so much more to uncover about myself and because of that I can’t conclude that the new information has described the whole me. I hope that makes sense.
    I have to keep reminding myself there is more, I am still growing as a person and there is no test in the world that can say, “this is who you are”. Only God can do that….

    So I will accept the new information about myself but I won’t let it define me and my world (this is the way I am now)
    I will learn how to use the new information to be more effective in the things I am doing now.
    Do you think that is extreme?

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