Como Hacer Milanesas | How To Make Milanesas

YouTube link (Spanish) right below:

Como Hacer Milanesas | How To Make Milanesas


-Marcela Angulo


Milanesa Steak

2 Eggs

1/4 Cup of Milk

1 Tsp of Pepper


2 Garlic Cloves

Bread Crumbs

Avocado Salsa

4 Serrano Peppers

¼ of an Onion


2 Avocados


2 Tbsps of Water


In a bowl,crack the 2 eggs, add 1/4 cup of milk, 1 tsp of pepper, 1 pinch of salt, and place 2 garlic cloves through a garlic press. If you don’t have a garlic press you can also use garlic powder (about 1 tbsp). Then, stir.

Then grab a steak and dip it into the bowl making sure its covered so that the bread crumbs can stick.

For the milanesa steak, if the cuts are too thick you can use the meat tenderizer to thin out the cut to ensure the meat fully cooks.

In a large plate, add about 2 cups of the bread crumbs. After dipping the steak into the bowl, place the steak on the bread crumbs, making sure that it is covered with the bread crumbs.

Place oil on a pan to heat. Wait for the oil to be really hot. Once the oil is hot, add the breaded steak. Once one side of the steak starts to look brown and crispy, flip the steak and once both sides look brown and crispy, take out the steak and place a napkin on a platter and then th steak so that any excess oil is absorbed by the napkin.

For the salsa, place the onion, Serrano peppers, 2 Tbsp of water, a pinch of salt in a blender and blend. Then add the avocado and cilantro and 1/4 cup of water and slightly blend so that there’s still some chunks of avocado and cilantro.

After that, it is ready to serve! Ideal sides with this dish would be potatoes and beans but it is always optional. I hope you enjoy the dish! Feel free to comment on the comment box below! Thank you.

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