Como Hacer Enfrijoladas | How To Make Enfrijoladas




Frijoles negros cocidos con

2 Cucharadas de sal, 1 cebolla,

Y 1 ajo

2-3 chiles Chipotle

1 Lechuga

2 tomates

Queso fresco

1 cebolla (1/2 para sazonar los

frijoles y la otra mitad para

poner encima de las enfrijoladas)

2 dientes de ajo

2 cucharaditas de mantequilla



Crema al gusto


Black beans cooked in a pot with

2 Tbsps of salt, 1 Onion ,

And 1 garlic

2-3 Chipotle Peppers

1 Lettuce

2 Tomatoes

Queso fresco

1 Onion (½ for seasoning the

beans and other ½ for placing on

top of the enfrijoladas)

2 Garlic Cloves

2 Tsps of butter



Sour Cream (optional)

Place the black beans to boil in a pot with hot water and add 2 tbsps of salt, 1 onion, and 1 garlic. If you’re using an “express” pot, once the pot starts making noise and the top starts “dancing,’ wait 35 minutes and then the beans are cooked. If you are using a regular pot, be sure to just keep checking on the beans and add water repeatedly if they are looking a little dry.

Then, place 3 cups of the beans in a blender, adding a little bit of the “bean stew” as substitute for water. Add 2-3 chipotle peppers in the blender and blend. Make sure the texture is not too thick or too watery-start with very little beef stew and work your way into a smooth texture that is a little like mole.

Now place a pan to heat. Add a drizzle of oil on the pan. Then add 2 tsps of butter then minced garlic and stir. Then, add ½ of chopped onions and stir. Then. wait for the onions to look “crystallized” before adding the blended beans. Once the onion starts to look transparent-like, add the blended beans and stir, then wait for them to boil.

On another pan, add a drizzle of oil on a pan and dip the tortilla once the oil is hot for 3 seconds and flip for three seconds, then add the tortilla onto a napkin in a platter so that the napkin can absorb any excess oil.

Once you have done that with all the tortillas, and the beans have boiled, dip the tortillas into the beans on both sides and serve (as shown in video). Then, add the queso fresco, sour cream (optional), onions, lettuce and tomato.

Now it is ready to eat! Bon A Petit!

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