Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer. They say that for a reason. Once there is disunion within a group, they’re an easy target. Where we once came together as a nation, we have turned against each other without needing a trigger source from the outside. We finish each other off mid-sentence and only regard our own speeches. We already have a rebuttal before the other person has finished their point. When we once kept an open mind and exercised TRUE freedom of speech, we charge at any remark that does not coincide with our views. We call it freedom of speech so long as we are talking but the minute the opposing party begins it is no longer acceptable. Somewhere along the lines we practiced hate speech and excused it as “freedom of speech.” We drew the lines where we wanted them and accused those that did the same. The reason they call it divide and conquer is because they know how dangerous we become when we unite. It’s easy to strike when the pack is alienated from its herd. However, the minute they come together, no one dares to take a shot. What if we chose to come together? What if we listened to each other? We are so afraid to listen because we might find we are mistaken. It became a factor of pride and the resolution lost significance. We ask why homes are broken and relationships so easily falter. We never considered looking from the outside. We did not bother stepping into the shoes of our partner, much less a stranger. For the sake of saving pride, we lost each other. We needed to be heard and didn’t think maybe the other party was simply asking for the same. The problem is we forget that we are human. We forget we are allowed to make mistakes-therefore we never learned to account for them. We know so little because we are never open to learn more. Why don’t we dare to see through the scope of someone else’s lives and take in all that we see and hear? What if we made time to process it all before prepping for our next comeback attack? Then, we can see change. Then, we can see the resolution and stop the madness before it blows up in our faces and we have no time to find shelter.

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