Como Hacer Flan Napolitano | How To Make Flan Napolitano

YouTube link (Spanish) below:

YouTube– >Como Hacer Flan Napolitano | How To Make Flan Napolitano


1 lata de Leche condensada

1 lata de Leche evaporada

1 barra (8 oz) de queso crema

4 Huevos

2 cucharaditas de vainilla

1/2 taza de azúcar para caramelo


1 can of condensed milk

1 can of evaporated milk

1 bar of cream cheese (8 oz)

4 eggs

2 tsps of vanilla

½ cup of sugar (to make caramel)


First, grab a “flanero,” which is a dish as the one shown in the video (or below) that you will use for the flan.

Place the stove on low heat and immediately add the sugar into the bowl. It is very important to not let the pan get hot before adding sugar so that the sugar can gradually caramelize. Keep stirring the sugar patiently until all the sugar clumps melt and you have caramel.

Then grab the blender, add the can of condensed milk and the can of evaporated milk, the cream cheese, 4 eggs, and vanilla.

Then blend. Once blended, pour into the caramel bowl. Then in a larger pot, fill ⅓ with water since we are making the flan with the “baño Maria” technique. Cover the flan dish with aluminum foil so that the water does not go in, and then add the lid. Place the pot with water in medium heat and add the flanero (smaller pot) in (as shown in video).

Let it cook for 1 hr 30 minutes. To make sure it’s cooked, stick a knife in and if it comes out clean, the flan is cooked.

Then, place the flan in the fridge for at least 2 hrs. Once the long 2 hours are up, grab a large plate, place it on top of the flan pot, and very carefully flip so that you’re able to serve the flan (as shown in video).

It’s now ready to eat! Bon appetit!

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