Combating Self-Doubt

It is always an automatic challenge when someone doubts our ability for us to prove them miserably wrong. Somehow, we never challenged our own self-doubt. The voices in our head were so deep that we gave them more credit than they deserved. I am a victim of my own self-doubt. Though I struggle with lack of self-belief, I have made it a point to be my own biggest believer. It does not matter how many skeptics see the restraints in front of me, as long as I believe in my ability to discard my obstacles, I am victorious. Here are some tricks that I’ve learned along the way to ignore the bully inside and prove her wrong. Self-doubt is always something that we face and though sometimes the voices are louder than other days, they are only as true as you let them be. Now I am no therapist and everything I’ve learned is simply from the greatest professor that is life itself. Here are some things that have helped me battle self-doubt:

1) Be Still.

Sometimes when so much is going on I get overwhelmed because I want to provide the very best me to whatever task or project I am working on. Very often, when pressure builds I forget to outline everything and am quick to believe I’m too far overloaded and incapable. In these moments, it is only when I choose to be still-to take a break and step outside of the chaos- that I am able to get back in and truly deliver my best work. I am also aware that every good and perfect gift is from God and only by His grace am I qualified. While I choose to be still, I often send up a prayer, nothing too fancy. In that serenity I am able to find peace and strength to face any challenge.

2) Keep On Keeping On

Never quit. The voices in my head constantly tell me I am finished, but those are lies. I choose not to feed into these lies. I make an image of those voices and make that my enemy. Because then I will prove this enemy wrong. I will throw the punches. Some punches may bring me down to my knees. Some may cause nose bleeds and my body will give out. But before it does, I will feel my knuckles clench and throw that last punch that my opponent never saw coming. Good game. Never give up. “When it rains, it pours,” is something that ringed so true in my life. But I realized that as long as I still have a hungry spirit nothing will keep me comfortable. And I love that, our spirits should always be hungry for more because only then does our vision become something worth fighting, or even dying for. There will be results to reap soon enough and that will silence every self-doubt.

3) Pour Your Soul Into It

So often self-doubt creeps in when I know I didn’t try my very best. I am not happy with the results and that leaves so much room for me to question myself and the work I am doing. It is not fair to myself because I know I can do better. Always pour your soul into it, even in the little details. Create something you can be truly proud of and people will be able to notice the effort. Make it a mission to execute to the extent of your ability, and constantly stretch the boundaries.

4) Find Your Passion

Too many people are chasing after someone else’s passion. There are so many people under another’s shadow because they wanted to be that person, or someone told them that was the model for who they were supposed to grow into. I was lucky enough to find my passion at a very young age and though many things forced me to place that passion on hold, I always knew it was my purpose to fulfill this desire to create. But this is not a guideline for everyone else. Everyone has their own purpose in this life and society places us into a lifestyle module that meets only a specific set of individuals. Learn to search within yourself and tune out the noise outside. Find what drives you and pursue it without holding back. Cherish the success and failures that teach you along the way and you will learn to trust yourself again. You will thank yourself for the gift of truly living.

5) Declare Positivity

There is so much power in words. I truly believe the atmosphere moves on what we utter. Do not speak out your self-doubt. It is completely normal to question yourself once in a while, healthy even-because it pushes you past your comfort zone. However, it is very important that in these moments you verbally reassure yourself. It is okay if initially you cannot believe the words yourself, but eventually you will. We take what we put out and that applies significantly to what we say. If we verbally attack ourselves, then we will let others do the same. Pour love on yourself and sometimes that might just mean being silent when you want to put yourself down. I’ve seen both sides of this and am learning to speak life unto myself and that will pour out into other people as well.

Ultimately find your dream and chase it while dancing to your own music. Live life to the fullest and when you lose faith in yourself, remember this is about something bigger than yourself. This is only a funky day and the sun will rise again, which means you get a second chance.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that you will find this helpful. Love you all. Feel free to comment any questions or concerns.

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