Como Hacer Chicharrón En Salsa Roja | How To Make Chicharrón En Salsa Roja

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1 libra de chicharrón

3 tomates rojos grandes

2 chiles Morita

3 ajos

1/4 de cebolla

2 cucharaditas de consome de pollo en polvo

1 cucharadita de sal

2 tazas de agua


1 lb of pork rind

3 large tomatoes

2 Morita Peppers

3 Garlic Cloves

¼ of Onion

2 tsps of Chicken Bouillon Granules

1 tsp of Salt

2 cups of Water


Place the morita peppers in hot oil on a pan to fry for about 10 seconds or until they expand and become softer but be careful not to burn so that the taste does not become bitter.

Then, add the morita peppers to boil with the tomatoes in a pot. Be sure to remove the tomatoes’ seeds before boiling.

Now because we are joining this dish with black beans, one trick is to get the best flavor or of the black beans is that once they are boiling, add epazote leaves in for a minute and then remove just so the flavor is enhanced.

Back to the pork rinds. Make sure to cut them into smaller sections.

Once the tomatoes have boiled, place in a blender. Add the morita peppers, garlic, salt, chicken bouillon granules, and the 2 cups of water. Then blend.

In a large pan, add a drizzle of oil to heat and add the onions once the oil is hot. When the onions become transparent like, pour in the sauce and stir.

Then, wait for the sauce to boil for about 15 minutes. Then, add the pork rind in little by little as it soaks up the sauce. Stir everything and close the lid to let everything come together for about five minutes.

Now, it is ready to eat! Ideally with corn tortillas to make tacos and black beans on the side. Bon a petit!

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