I used to think that happiness was something you could earn. If I made it past point A, point B, or point C, then I’d reach happiness. Life taught me otherwise. There will always be obstacles and if my contentment relies on plans I’ve set, any derailment would paralyze me into a state of depression. That is exactly what happened. I was stuck thinking my strategy for pursuing joy had failed when I set myself up to fail by making joy a concept only gained through one strategic method.

I had to know that happiness isn’t something you get, you have to draw it out from within. There are moments that make you smile and laugh, but contentment is to make the moments and not let them make you. Happiness is a state of mind. I am learning to plan but also cherish whatever each day brings and learn from it (whether good or bad). Ultimately my state of mind is my responsibility and in a way that is freeing. I have the freedom of choosing to be happy and I have the freedom to feel. Choose to find something to smile about day by day and electing happiness will become a habit.

–Also feeling happy about spring and wrap dresses. Keep scrolling to see how I combined both.

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