Since I do have a few new followers. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Maria Fernanda Angulo, but I go by Marifer. I am a fashion blogger and writer. I wanted to share where this journey stemmed from. Growing up, I was always unique and different. My way of thinking, my style, my hobbies, they were all not like a typical kid. As a child I always said I wanted to be an actress and author. Well, life happened and I listened to the reasoners and gave up on both. I wanted to be practical and chose to study so I can be a teacher. It was a concrete plan and I knew what I’d get out of it- something reasonable. However, the more I pursued it, the more I realized, that while it is an admirable job, it was not my path. I realized that my happiness was in writing, in creating. I was never truly satisfied unless I was constantly producing content. And everything had to be better than the last. When I was thirteen years old, I said I wanted to be a fashion designer. When neckties became popular, I took it one step further and used a ribbon to tie a bow around my neck. I loved fashion because it allowed me to express myself, even though my teenage wardrobe choices were somewhat questionable. However, I came to find that sewing and I did not belong in the same sentence. I hated needles and focus was not my forte. I thought that this was the only option in fashion so I decided to give up that dream too. And a few years later, out of wanting a platform to write with, I created my blog. I only incorporated my writing here and there with no hope of growth for it. Then one day, I had a follower comment on how my post gave her hope, and inside I knew, that whatever journey I take, I could never quit on my blog. True enough, life always led me back to my blog and upon writing I found healing, hope, and deeper faith. Later on, I took the leap into what scared me the most: fashion blogging. My excuses for not doing fashion were countless. I had no camera, no photographer, no experience, I might not even have good style I told myself. All these fears echoed in my head and limited me for a very long time. Until one day, I asked my mom to take a picture of my outfit with my phone. I researched on how to edit and managed to make the picture look decent. And then, I launched my fashion blog. The minute I did that, I realized that I am only as resourceful as I choose to be. If I want something, I have to ask for it. Yes, I got a “no” more times than I want to admit. However, each “no” was only a harder push to provide better content. I have now met so many wonderful creative people who inspire me. Hearing how these people started where I am now inspires me to pursue my passion, even if this passion does not look concrete, even if it means having to hear more “no” in the future, more disappointments, and more waiting. Soon enough, I know that I will get my shot. When I do, I’ll know that I did not cheat my way through it. I will know that I deserve it. Every tear, every doubt, and every time I wanted to walk away, but did not, it will be worth it. Is that not what life should be? Making it worth living and not just surviving? Today, I choose to LIVE.

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