I won’t settle. In a hunger for growth I’m never starved. Always an ambitious learner letting each scar become my compass. Afraid to get trapped within my own wild mind but I let it take over. I let it shift into gear knowing it will deliver. I don’t recall when I started to trust me. All I know is I came through. Not for anyone but for me. When I let myself feel, let myself hurt; the beauty was embellished. When I stopped fighting my pain and let it exist, the words came, and reveries came alive. When I chose to believe in the underlying glory of pain; I understood salvation and hope. I found redemption. I found me. Not my pain; but me. I looked through the ache into a heart that saw past the limitations implied by hurt. I let myself feel the sting, and then I said goodbye. It was no more my crutch. No more an excuse to stay behind. I decided to move on. I elected to be free. To be happy.

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