Here’s To You

I think for a long time I looked at myself as a victim and not a survivor. Long time since I looked around me and felt overwhelming joy. A sudden peace, the kind that’s only understood when felt. And my lens scope changed. I was focusing so persistently on a distant memory the image was distorted. As I looked at now I began to see the image develop. It revealed the faces of my brighter days. The brightness brought out by faces I did not appreciate enough. By the people who believed in me when I couldn’t. By the people who led me to smile and laugh again after holding me through the tears. By the people who remained present after I inflicted hurt. By the people who stood up for me when I was too weak to speak. And by the people who loved me when I couldn’t love myself. By the people who deserve to have it all. I want to be forever in this lens scope. Where I’m only thankful and nothing less.

Dedicated to God, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother and all the lovely people who cheer me on. I love you.

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