I cried myself to sleep the night you flew back. I wanted so much to know that tomorrow I could kiss you again and express all my love to you; except not for another month. And it sucked. What sucked more is knowing it hurt you just as much, yet you manage to always cheer me up on days you might be the one most in need of uplifting. There aren’t enough hours in a lifetime to express this love I feel for you. No words to express the way my heart beats when I look at you. Not enough letters to make sense of this beautiful feeling that came with meeting you. No poetry could wrap up all this love. This love that pushes me to fight, to be unafraid of the truth, to love in a heavenly manner. This love that gives me strength when I’m frail and delicate. This love is worth the distance and the fight and the tears. This love chases away fears and brings me freedom from prison bars I was blind to. This love keeps me safe while it gives me wings. It stands back with arms wide ready to catch me in case I should fall. 700+ miles couldn’t stop the flow of a love like this.

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