Desert Flower

In one of our first creative adventures, Aaron and I decided to take a road trip to Marfa, Texas. It was such an amazing place that I’d highly recommend for a lovely getaway. This was a last minute decision during the week, so we were unable to find a place to stay within our budget and decided to drive out at 2:45am to be able to manage a drive there and back. We took my new camera so I could document the trip and Aaron his digital and film camera for our photoshoot stops.

We arrived at Marfa at 10:00 am with only one goal in mind: food. For our breakfast fill, we stopped at the Do Your Thing coffee shop and got some coffee and avocado toast. The place was very unique and provided a studio feel. The coffee and food were both very delicious and we were now ready to create and explore Marfa.

Our first stop was the infamous Prada Marfa, a beautiful prop shop in the middle of the desert. I put together this outfit to create a fashion editorial feel. I loved building up on this black dress with bold accessories. This place is all its made out to be and worth the long drive.

For our next spot, we decided to stop and shoot within the beautiful desert aesthetic in nature. We aimed for cinematic shots for this specific session and shot a whole roll of film here while we were so inspired. The intense sun actually started making me tear up so we decided to add in some emotional portraits to the set.

Because we put so much energy into this shoot, by the time we were done we needed lunch. We found a pretty trendy little spot called The Water Stop at the edge of Marfa. I ordered a chicken salad and naturally squeezed orange juice; both were delicious. This place was crowded for good reason. It was colorful, had fresh food, and a unique hip feel.

After lunch, I looked up places to visit in Marfa and saw Palace Theater; a closed down theater but iconic all the same. This location was so amusing to me, especially after realizing one of my favorite films; Giant (starring James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor), was filmed in this location. We went for very dramatic poses for this shoot to establish a bold feel that connected with the colorful location.

For the last photo session, we decided to go back to our favorite creative setting; nature. We were actually driving back home and decided to stop on the side of the road after seeing how beautiful the scenery was. We casually hopped a fence and decided to shoot. We wanted to create a flowy youthful innocence theme for this concept. I love how well Aaron did on the composition of all photos but this specific set was so beautiful both technically and artistically.

To sum it all up, we both loved Marfa.  We will definitely be planning to return to this beautiful city and this time for a little longer too. Let us know if there are any places we should check out in Marfa or any road trip recommendations ya’ll have ! Thank you so much for reading!


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