Fizz. My brain feels fogged up. Maybe I’ve had too much time alone to think. Maybe all I’ve done is contemplate a dream and feel farther from it the harder I push forward—like a punching bag that swings back with more force upon every jab. I sit and wonder why I could never find the balance. Maybe I haven’t punched enough, maybe I’m pounding at the wrong door. Every earned resource is a chance for someone else to take advantage and leaves me once again empty-handed. Again telling myself it’s another learned lesson but asking God when the testing stops. When do I finally get it, or do I ever? Have I got it all along?

Thank y’all for reading this piece. It’s a tough time being locked in for an extrovert like me. I don’t like being alone and this season has given me too much time to think. I know I must not be the only one. Hang in there and stay safe guys. We’ll come out of this stronger. Also please talk to me in the comments below loves!

Much Love,


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