All We Need Is Love 

Growing chaos everywhere
No loving soul around to care
People become targeted labels
The villains in our favorite fables
Are now a numbed out norm in society
While the heroes fight to keep their sanity
The voice of wisdom is continually tuned out
While fools spread violence all throughout

We as people should stand up for what we believe. We should hold on to our convictions and we should be allowed to dream bigger than the person next to us.  We should be allowed to speak our mind.  Yet the world has begun to speak through punches and bullets. We raised our voices so loud we ruled out anything else. Empathy became a foreign concept. We lost respect for the other side and became ignorant to anything different from what we knew. We had tolerance for injustice so long as we weren’t the targets.  We forgot how to love.  How to be the voice for those too afraid or broken to speak. We forgot to stick together. We pat ourselves on the back after a good deed because we’ve been raised to believe that’s not something we just do without thinking twice.  We’ve been so busy being victims we don’t know how to be healers.  But most importantly we’ve overlooked the power of love.  The healing power of God’s love. We’ve been so busy fighting we lost sight of what we’re fighting for. We fight for love; to let our voices of love resonate over the constant screams of hate.