Be a Legend Worth Telling

Dream big but fight for it
Let others see that you’ve got wit
Don’t use people like a ladder to success
Just make sure you know you alone did your best
Then when your dreams become reality
You won’t rate yourself based on validity

Success is possible without the need to trample over everyone else first. It makes me sad that society believes that to be something in life, one has to disregard consideration for humanity.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Truth is, dreams lose meaning when they’re achieved through selfish tactics. What good will achievement be if they’re is no one to share the joy with? Often we forget the people that made us believe our dreams are possible when we’ve finally made it to the top. Matter of the fact is; all our possessions and trophies will someday mean nothing at all. Yet, the mark you make in someone’s life will become a legend. Just make sure it’s a legend worth telling.

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