Drama in the Dark

I hear a quiet hiss and sudden silence once again. I figure it’s the sprinklers going off outside once again. As I instantly open my eyes I can hear the hissing grow louder. My teeth begin to sink into the blanket as I shiver in a panic. The thundering footsteps only gain volume as they approach me. I blind myself as I press the pillow into my face in the pitch dark room. My bed shakes in terrifying vibration.

​My breathing starts to intensify and I gasp over and over again. In the utter black chamber there is no knowing what event is to follow. The quietness that takes over succeeds to petrify me beyond belief. As I hear the bell ring I curl into a ball under the sheets mentally creating a potent force field.

The tapping on my window leaves me motionless in a fetal position. Fast-paced footsteps are headed towards my direction. I take a deep breath and put my trembling hand over my mouth thinking that way I could not be discovered.

As the room once again is motionless I breathe in and out slowly. My pulse begins to go back to its healthy tempo and my eyelids flutter shut. I stretch out my legs and relax, and then all too quickly the subsequent occurrence is serene slumber.

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