In spite of my fears and anxieties, I can still find inner peace and a feeling not my own telling me this time I won’t just be fine; I’ll be wonderful. It’s all developing so fast, life. All has suddenly dawned over me lately. It feels like starting all over again and trying to decide which parts of yourself you want to keep and which parts you want to alter here and there, and then there’s the parts you just want to dump altogether. Then there’s the perfect Sculptor, who’s got His own idea of who I’m supposed to be, and if He didn’t reveal to me what it was, let’s just say I’d be down a dead end road questioning all the foolish choices I’d have made. It’s enough with the slip-ups I have made up to this point. I know it’s a narrow road I’ve chosen and most likely I’ll fail once or twice. There’s this vision I’ve hardwired into my brain, however, and I’m too stubborn to let it go. It’s been implanted so deep into me that I can’t convince myself to leave this narrow path, because I was never meant to. I never belonged in the wide open path, I felt it too. Being here in the lonely road means I get more alone time with the beautiful Maker, and there’s nothing more divine. I belong here, I never want to leave here.