Silver Lining

What if maybe there wasn’t some sort of way to let me down easily? I’m scared, no; terrified.
It’s like the dreamer that was fearless disappeared and my identity is somehow trying to find its way back to me
I say that I’m strong but deep inside I’m trying to flee
I thought I was this fierce warrior
But somewhere in the line I lost my armor
Guess I’m accustomed to find the silver lining and when suddenly life takes a shot at me….for a while there is no silver lining but a deep black hole.
I’m begging, pleading for a hand to carry me out but I know in my heart that this is my battle and no one else is capable of fighting it as much as I am of fighting theirs..this is when my faith is tested and I want to say that I lasted standing in this race
and God I’ll fight until I see your face
So I’ll just scrape by and squint to see the slightest glimpse of that pretty little silver lining and I’ll hold on to it because I’ve come this far and there’s no way I’m going to run from this war

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