Life is a swirl of intricate trials that continuously seem to alter the view I once had of the world. Humanity once again brands me a sucker and for yet another time, I am wrong. Except this time, I’m thrilled to be mistaken.

When past blunders come and haunt me repeatedly, I’m back up to fight for probably one last time. But for this final attempt, I’ll pour the remaining energy left in me and I will have no regrets; failure or success.

And with all the pride I’ve obtained from success over countless efforts and inevitable letdowns, I once again have the hope to challenge myself to things I never envisioned myself doing.

Before, I assumed that people with expectations were fools settings themselves up for disaster, and I never understood why anybody in their right mind would dare risk experiencing failure-it only haunts in the end…

…And yet, some things are worth the risk, because if I ever let previous errors hold me back again, I will never live to my full potential.

3 thoughts on “Determination

  1. Just keep growing in the faith and God will find ways to help you rise above the bad things of this world!

    Steve 🙂

  2. Some very good insights, my dear! One of my favorite old proverbs is this: “if you fall seven times, get up eight!”

    Make your own expectations in Christ! He promises that He will guide you and never leave, nor forsake you.

    However, the world makes no such promises. Yet the world is passing away, and will all be judged by God!

    Find your gifts in the faith and use them to glorify God’s name. In doing so, you will grow in personal and Godly maturity…

    Thank you for visiting so often, please know I appreciate seeing you there!

    Steve 🙂

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