To the Most Wonderful Mother

Thank you for your love
I will always hold you up above
You always understand me
And in my heart you’ll always be
Never did you quit on us
No matter how big the fuss
You grew to be so strong and sweet
Your presence;such a splendid treat
Each kiss from you brings cheerful bliss
And every hug much joy amiss
I will love you always
I could never count the ways
You’ve lifted me up
Through every bump
Precious best friend is what you mean to me
And the best mother everyone wishes they could be.

3 thoughts on “To the Most Wonderful Mother

  1. I’m sure the beauty runs both on the inside as well as the outside!

    You are very welcome, and enjoy the weekend…


  2. This is a beautiful tribute! The two of you look so much alike…

    Steve Pejay

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