Beautiful Release

Photographer: Aaron Schaeper

There was poison inside

Storms in my head

Tossing me into a tailspin

Pulling me from side to side

Stuck in a vertigo

Mind competing with

Light speed while my

Human body wrestled

To catch a breath

I kept taking poison

Hoping I’d strike my venom

Not knowing the difference

Between venomous and poisonous

My ignorance was toxic

And I its only victim

Deep within I heard my voice

Among the noise

It was weak and soft

I held my breath

Leaned back

Let out a scream

Unleash the beast inside

Unleash til walls collide

Until the voices uttered are but my own

Until my skin becomes golden again

Until my heart starts beating once more

Until there’s a glimmer in my eyes

Until the past and hope can merge

Until I swallow the honey

Until I discover the sweetness of life

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