Hello and welcome to our page! We are Aaron & Marifer Schaeper. We met doing what we love doing most, creating art. A few photoshoots, dates, an “I do,” and some vows later, we are now newlyweds navigating through a new chapter in our lives. We are a model and photographer duo with a deep love of art, fashion, anime, nature, all things vintage, and coffee. We are so glad you’ve ended up on our page. We understand that art can heal communities, hearts, and reveal the depths of beauty that exists everywhere around us. Our goal is to inspire you, work with you, build community, and fill your home or space with our art, all while telling our story along the way. Head to our contact page for business inquiries, to our investment page to book us, or the blog to stay up to date on our latest projects!

If you were wondering how our brand name came to be, it’s not really that interesting (but it is adorable). El Sol Y La Flor translates to “The Sun and the Flower,” and are the nicknames we have for each other. Marifer is “florecita,” or little flower, and Aaron is “solecito,” or little sun. We are pretty cute.